The School Aims

  • To provide a stable and caring yet disciplined environment in which individuals may develop.
  • To extend students’ horizons and to broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • To develop respect for religious and moral values and to encourage acceptance of others as members of a tolerant and democratic community in modern Britain.
  • To prepare students for a positive role as an adult in a changing British society.
  • To develop personal and social skills, creativity and the ability to question, challenge and express viewpoints rationally.
  • To develop skills for adulthood, including physical well-being, numeracy, literacy, computer skills, application to tasks, problem solving and thinking skills.
  • To encourage the skills, mindset and resilience required to achieve lifelong learning
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students.
  • To be renowned as a regional centre of excellence for teaching and learning.
  • To ensure that the school’s safeguarding and Skills for Life programme both reflect current needs and are delivered and monitored effectively.


The School Ethos

  • Members of the school community will demonstrate mutual respect at all times.
  • All member of the school community are expected to challenge any type of discriminatory or unreasonable behaviour.
  • All students are encouraged to greet visitors to the school with friendliness and courtesy.
  • Stakeholders are encourage to report any concerning or worrying behaviour to a member of staff as part of a watchful and caring community.
  • The school’s traditional values are emphasised to all and taught alongside traditional British values including tolerance and respect for all groups of people.


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