Courtesy and Behaviour Code

Pupils, teachers and other staff should feel that they are known and valued members of the school community. Only by working together can we create a pleasant environment in which to develop morally, socially and intellectually. The school has a role to play in helping pupils grow into responsible, mature adults, able to be caring and confident enough to make a positive contribution to their community.

All members of the community have the right to:

  • feel safe, happy and secure
  • be treated with respect
  • be valued equally.

A pupil also has the right to:

  • have a suitable working environment where learning can take place
  • receive all elements of the National Curriculum
  • enjoy social and recreational time with fellow pupils.

A teacher also has a right to expect pupils to:

  • bring equipment and completed work to lessons
  • display suitable behaviour so that learning can take place
  • be dressed in school uniform.

All members of the school community have a responsibility to:

  • set a good example for the school
  • care for each other and themselves
  • show courtesy and respect to other people, their work, opinions and property
  • keep the school neat and tidy.

It is especially important that pupils behave properly in public places when wearing the FitzWimarc uniform. Smoking, swearing and misbehaviour bring the good name of the school into disrepute and let everyone down.

Code of Conduct

In order to be safe pupils should:

  • not bring anything dangerous (e.g. laser pens) or valuable to school
  • make sure they know the fire drill
  • make sure they know the safety rules for each lesson
  • always walk when moving around the school
  • always keep to the left to avoid bumping into each other
  • not use cycles,scooters, skateboards or roller boots on the school site
  • not use the main drive, avoid traffic, and be aware of the possible danger of vehicles on the site

Although mobile ‘phones may be brought into school they must be switched off throughout the day, including lunchtimes, and kept in lockers.

  • only go into science labs, technology rooms, computer rooms, medical room, gyms or sports hall when a member of staff is present
  • not go into any classroom before 8.20 a.m. during break or lunchtime without the permission of a teacher
  • put litter into bins - it is a health hazard
  • only come onto the school site, out of normal school hours, with permission from the school or if engaged in an organised event (youth club etc.)
  • report anything dangerous to an adult immediately and alert others nearby to the danger
  • make sure staff know where they are at all times for safety and security reasons:
  1. if you arrive at any time other than registration you must report to the office
  2. you will not leave other than at normal times without permission from a teacher and by signing out at the office
  3. at break times and lunch times you must be on the premises unless your parents have requested in writing that you go home to lunch, at which time you should be off the premises for the whole lunchtime. A lunchtime pass will be issued.
  4. you will tell a member of staff if you feel ill and they might decide to send you to the medical room having signed your organiser.

Getting Along Together

Because we value others we:

  • don’t ‘put people down’ for any reason whatsoever
  • should not use abusive or aggressive language or violence
  • will not ‘playfight’ or indulge in games which might cause injury or discomfort (e.g. throwing stones or bottles, kicking balls aggressively at others)
  • are responsible for reporting it if anyone is being ‘put down’ or bullied
  • consider smoking to be anti-social and unhealthy, and so at our school it is banned. Cigarettes, matches and lighters are, therefore, not permitted in school
  • shall not use spray deodorants as some people are allergic to them
  • should report any behaviour which worries us.

If another pupil hits or verbally abuses us we should not respond in the same way, we should speak to a member of staff.

The Working Environment / Working Together

Our school is a pleasant, attractive place. We owe it to each other to keep it tidy and show respect for the buildings, the furniture, the equipment and other people’s property.

Pupils should look after the school and property by:

  • putting litter in the bins
  • only being where they are supposed to be
  • eating properly, in permitted areas and clearing up after themselves
  • putting outdoor clothing and umbrellas out of the way, into lockers, bags or on an available peg
  • looking after their belongings and marking them with their names
  • being responsible for the locker which is available to them and its padlock
  • not bringing large sums of money or valuables to school. If they have to, they should use their lockers for safe keeping and pay in money (for trips etc.) as early as possible in the day
  • taking any lost items or reporting items they have lost to the lost property office in the medical room
  • keeping the main entrance and foyer free for our visitors.

The Learning Environment / Learning Together

Pupils are here to learn and help others to do the same. Pupils owe it to themselves and other pupils to:

  • be on time to lessons
  • enter the classroom in an orderly fashion
  • bring the right equipment including books and completed homework required for that day. Pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, calculators, pupil organisers are needed every day
  • listen to teachers and other pupils
  • be prepared to share ideas
  • work co-operatively with others e.g. in group work
  • put up a hand and wait for the teacher to respond
  • stop talking and listen while instructions are being given to the whole group
  • listen to and accept advice
  • carry out the work to the best of our ability and ask for help when necessary
  • continue working until told by the teacher to start clearing up
  • be responsible for returning everything to its proper place, as directed by the teacher, including litter to the bin and chairs under the tables
  • leave the classroom in an orderly manner
  • be considerate and keep noise down particularly when near places where there is a lesson or assembly taking place
  • not bring personal audio equipment or pagers into school
  • make sure mobile phones are switched off in school time
  • remember that the teacher has a right to expect us to display suitable behaviour.

Additional information can be found on our Policies page.

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