The Code of Practice when using the school systems

Modern technology gives everyone the opportunity to find, use, explore and interact with many sources of information. You have an entitlement to  use these resources, if you follow this code of practice. Failing to follow these codes will result in the suspension of your access to the Internet, email or school network.

A member of staff MUST be present and agree to you using a computer.

All activities that you do MUST be suitable for the task set.

You must log on using your OWN username and password. If you share your login details with others YOU will be held responsible for any misuse carried out.

You should not print or import any files without permission of the member of staff present.

If you are unsure about what you are doing or accessing, ask the member of staff present.

The use of games, Facebook, Youtube, MSN or similar sites is strictly prohibited. Using these types of sites will result in the removal of your internet access privileges.

The school email should only be used for academic purposes. If you are found to be using it without permission or for non-academic purposes you will lose this privilege.

The use of mp3’s and videos which are copyright protected is prohibited. Any files found on the system which are deemed to be copyright will be removed and access privileges will be removed.

The use of file sharing websites or downloading of copyright material from Youtube is prohibited. Use of these sites will result in the removal of your internet access privileges.




More information on keeping safe online:

KS3 pupils - visit

KS4 and KS5 pupils - visit

View the Safer Internet Day presentation.



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