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Mr K. Brannan (Head of Geography)

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Geography is about the interaction of people and their environment. Our world is changing and it is increasingly useful to understand the way different cultures live and how environments evolve. Geography gives you the skills to solve problems, make decisions, analyse information and apply your knowledge to new surroundings. We take a themed approach so that work is completed in the context of real issues and places.




Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Year 7

Year Seven begins with an investigation into Britain's weather, including a piece of fieldwork on the school's microclimate. Next we look at Russia and its people and environment with a special focus on the impact of climate change in Siberia, before completing a unit which develops pupils' map-work skills. Finally, we complete a country study on Australia.

Year 8

In Year Eight the focus is on sustainability. We start by studying rainforests, before exploring the growth of tourism and its effects. The West African nation of Ghana forms our next theme where we look at Development and we end the year with the topic of rivers and flood management.

Year 9

Year Nine begins with a country study of Japan and then contrast it with the rapidly industrialising nation of China. Next we investigate development issues and the role Aid plays in helping poor countries progress. Next we do an urban regeneration unit, focused on local change and also the Stratford area. Our last topic for Key Stage 3 is Tectonics (Earthquakes and Volcanoes) in preparation for the GCSE course. All students will be assessed on this final unit with those opting for Geography in Year 10 completing full GCSE questions.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Year 10
Students follow the EdExcel Specification A, beginning with a controlled assessment worth 25% of the final mark which currently involves a field trip to Walton-on-the-Naze to explore beach erosion and management.  Pupils then learn about a range of physical and human geography topics covering the themes of rivers, population, settlement and industry.

Year 11
In Year 11, we focus on challenges for the planet, which broadly covers climate change and sustainability, as well as the more traditional topics of tectonics, water and tourism. Together with the units covered in Year 10, these topics comprise 75% of the final mark and are examined by three papers, each worth 25% of the total.


Other Activities

The geography department offers a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Year 7- Orienteering at Rope Runners (July)

 Year 8 - Visit by Tropical Inc (October)

 Year 9 - East London/Olympics/Westfield urban regeneration (January)

Year 9 Gifted and Talented - Destinations travel fair (February)

Year 10 - Walton controlled assessment data collection: Note, the location is subject to change each year (September)


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