Head's Introduction

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FitzWimarc School is extremely proud of its excellent reputation, not only within the town of Rayleigh but across the county of Essex. Our traditional values, where a caring, supportive environment is reinforced by high standards of behaviour, allow each and every child to develop a lifelong love of learning


We believe in a balanced curriculum that introduces and develops a wide range of skill areas to ensure stability and flexibility of learning. A high emphasis is placed upon the literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for success, whilst maintaining a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities.  At FitzWimarc, our students can discover and develop talents and interests that they never knew they had. 


We have the very highest expectations of both staff and students.  Every individual, subject and grade is valued. Your child will have the opportunity to excel in which ever area they choose; the hard-earned grade 4 pass at GCSE is valued just as much as the copious amount of grades 7 and above (or equivalent) that are achieved. This is a school with a passion for learning; our enthusiasm for success intertwines with supporting our students in their role in their local, national and global communities.  A modern education at FitzWimarc will prepare young people to be thoughtful and responsible members of society in an ever changing world, ensuring that they are equipped for lasting success.


Mr R. Harris

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