History of the School

The FitzWimarc School is a secondary comprehensive school, but its story begins in 1937. In that year it was built and opened as Rayleigh Council Senior School, having a three form entry and providing education for the 11 to 14 age range. Previously the senior end of elementary education had been provided at the Love Lane school (now Rayleigh County Primary School).

The new school opened on the morning of 30 August 1937 with 412 pupils on the register. The official opening ceremony took place on 19 November 1937 when John W. Burrows J.P., Chairman of the Southend Higher Education Committee entered the school, using a silver key to perform the opening.

During the Second World War, the Education Act 1944 was passed with the result that, on 10 April 1945, the school opened as a secondary modern school with the new title of Rayleigh County Secondary School and catering for an extended age range from 11 to 15 years.

In 1964 the Science and "Home Economics" Block was added to the school. The mid-1960s also saw changes taking place in our education system with the introduction of comprehensive secondary education. On 5 September 1967 the school re-opened as a comprehensive school, accepting pupils from across the full ability range. There were 1003 pupils on roll, first year classes being admitted in 6 unstreamed classes. At that time major building alterations were made - a new staff room and science rooms, the tower block, entrance and assembly hall, gymnasia and so on. The school was renamed The FitzWimarc School. Robert FitzWimarc was an important Norman landowner in Essex in the 11th century. His son, Suen provided the name for the other important secondary school in Rayleigh - Sweyne (now Sweyne Park School).

Over recent years we have seen tremendous improvements to the facilities at FitzWimarc School with the building of the History Block, the Sports Hall, the new Art Block, new Resources Centre and Science laboratory, a superb extension to the Dining Hall, a new R.E. classroom at the base of the Tower, and many newly designed classrooms and offices.

In September 2016, we opened our Sixth Form.

Current number of students on roll: 1525 (September 2017), Years 7-13.

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