The FitzWimarc School Shield is a symbol which represents defence or protection. On the shield is a red seax from the coat of arms of Essex. Beneath the seax are red flames which represent the execution (by being burnt at the stake) of the local Protestant martyrs in the 16th century. They were John Ardeley, Thomas Causton, Robert Drakes and William Tyms, after whom the four school houses are named. The background is silver.

The helmet is of steel, facing sideways with the visor closed. This indicates the rank of Robert FitzWimarc (after whom the school is named) as an untitled person. FitzWimarc was an adviser to William the Conqueror and administered lands around Rayleigh

The crest is a laurel wreath, representing the school's success in academic, sporting, musical and other areas.

The wreath on which the crest sits is in red and white, representing the twisted scarf binding the crest to the helmet.

The mantling is also in red and white. It represents the cloth originally protecting a crusading knight from the sun. The raggedness indicates sword cuts received in battle.

The motto "Procedens" is a Latin present participle meaning "Going Forward."

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