As a parent/carer if you have a concern regarding your child’s progress you can contact the school.

Academic concerns - It would be best to contact the class teacher in the first instance as they will have the most up-to-date information and see your child on a regular basis so they have the clearest overview of their ability and progress. If you still have concerns that your child is not making the progress expected of them then contact the Head of Department if the concern is for a particular subject. If the concern is more generalised around their learning, then contact the relevant Head of Year.

Medical diagnoses - If your child has recently received a diagnosis through the health service e.g. ADHD, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility, Diabetes, Epilepsy, OCD and this is likely to impact on their schooling then it is useful to share this with the school, both medical and Learning Support, so that staff can be made aware and support can be put into place where necessary. This may involve a care plan for staff if mediation or set response is required. This will be drawn up by the school nurse, Sarah Parsons. She can be contacted at

School Staff Nurse.

Central Canvey Primary Care Centre.

T:  01268 686041 |  M: 07890 607314   |  E:

Emotional concerns - The Learning Support department work closely with Pastoral to meet the needs of long and short term emotional concerns. In the first instance contact the Pastoral team who will then liaise with Learning Support. We run a variety of short term group interventions, clubs and mentoring support dependent on the need of the pupil.

Diagnosis requests - We are able to assess pupils on a range of literacy skills to determine if there are areas of concern. We have a dyslexia screening tool which gives an indication of dyslexic tendencies but this is not a diagnosis and this can be requested by contacting the learning Support department. 

The school is not able to diagnose other conditions, if you have concerns around neurological or developmental conditions such as Autism, Anxiety/OCD, depression, ADHD, ADD, Tourettes, Dyspraxia, Hypermobility, ODD etc., then you will need a GP referral to the Paediatric department of your local hospital. They will then liaise with the school on how best to support your child.

Exam Concessions- Pupils may be eligible for exam concessions. These are intended to give them access to the exams in the same way as others are, it is not to give them an advantage. Therefore, the criteria set by the exam boards is very strict and has to be adhered to. The Learning Support department has pupils tested by an external professional at the end of year 9 following a history of need and fulfilling several academic criteria. A private diagnosis, for example, of dyslexia stating they require a reader and/ or scribe would not be accepted by the exam board if this was not the usual way of working in the school and there was no previous history of intervention. If you have concerns about your child’s ability to access exams, then contact the Learning Support department during your child’s Year 9 or before. Applications after this are not usually possible unless there is a new medical condition that has arisen which has changed the pupil’s ability to access the curriculum.

Pupils with Meares-Irlen syndrome are permitted to wear their coloured glasses or use overlays without permission from the exam board. However, it is the responsibility of the pupil to bring them on the day as the school cannot provide these.

Pupils not yet on roll but considering FitzWimarc as a secondary choice- If your child already has a statement or EHCP then you will be asked to name your chosen secondary school in the summer term of year 5. If your current primary school is aware of your choice they will invite the SENCo from the named secondary school to the year 5 annual review. If your child is on the SEN register but not a statement or EHCP you can contact the Learning support department to discuss your child’s needs and we will be able to indicate the type of support that would be on offer.

SENCO Mrs Tongue email

SEN Admin Assistant Mrs Rodmell email

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