Mrs Armstrong is the School librarian. Our library is an amazing room; it is bursting with adventure, inspiration and knowledge.  Now, not everyone knows the answer to everything, but with over 10,000 books in our library; the answer is just awaiting your discovery.

It is never boring in the library, there is always something happening from creating origami ducks to group presentations to making short films and lifelong learning.

The Library is open for pupils before school at 8.20am, break time, lunch time and after school until 4.00pm.  During these times you can choose to read, research, use the computers and printer or complete homework with little distraction.

During the school day, your teachers will frequently book the library enabling you the opportunity throughout the week to have lessons in the library.  This will allow you to research a wide variety of issues as a class ranging from World War I to the environment that you live in.

A computerised library management system is in place and this includes a database of every book we have on our shelves so, if you can’t find what you are looking for, there will be plenty of support at hand.  We also have school librarians on duty at break time and lunch time to answer questions and help you locate books.

If, once you have settled in, you would like the opportunity to become a pupil librarian; application forms are available from the library.

The library is developing every day by being current, inspiring and allowing pupils to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities.

Stay ahead of the curriculum by making friends with your library.

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