Pastoral and Medical support



All pupils on the SEN register are allocated a LSA as a keyworker. This is in addition to the pastoral support already available. Pupils are issued with a sticker to place in their organiser to identify who their keyworker is and they will remain so where possible for their time at school. The Learning Support department has weekly meetings and any pupils causing concerns are raised; should a pupil be flagged up for whatever reason then their keyworker will arrange to meet with their pupil to discuss the issues and help them with ways forward. This may result in other agencies or staff becoming involved to support the pupil. Pupils can also request a meeting with their keyworker through the SENCo. For some pupils with identified needs they may meet with their keyworker weekly or fortnightly working on an individualised plan of support. Minutes of all meetings are passed to the SENCo to monitor and we are happy to liaise with parents to support the needs of the pupil. This is not a counselling service, if it is felt that counselling would be more appropriate we would contact the parent and suggest refering them to the school counsellor or via their Doctor for more specialised support. Any issues causing concern around the personal safety of the pupil or others would be passed to the Child Protection officer within the school in line with school policy on safeguarding pupils.

Medical Support

Pupils with medical needs will be cared for by the medical staff Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Beeson on a daily basis. However, where medical conditions impact on educational issues then there is a close co-operation with the Learning Support Department to ensure that adaptations are made to allow pupils to take part in as much of the curriculum as possible. The SENCo will work closely with parents and any paedeatric specialists as well as the school nurse to make sure that pupils can safely take an active part in school life. Risk assessments are carried out where applicable and staff are trained to provide emergency medications where required. The school nurse; Mrs Bridgwater, is available for pupils to meet with as a drop in service on a Tuesday lunchtime in Meeting room 1 (off the main hall). Care plans are written and updated by the school nurse and kept in the medical room and shared with staff as needed.

If parents have concerns or any new diagnoses for their child that could impact on their health, safety or education then they should contact the medical staff to discuss this further. If pupils are carrying or keeping Epipens/ inhalers with them it is the parents responsibility to ensure that these are in date as the school will not administer out of date emergency medication, this is especially important for school trips .

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