Persistent Absence

The link between attendance at school and success is clearly established where higher attendance is directly connected with better examination results. National average attendance data is currently in the region of 95%. With effect from 1st September 2015, the government guidelines for students who are considered persistent absentees will change. From September 2015, a student with attendance below 90% will fall under the persistent absent category. In order to keep you informed, if your child becomes close to the 90% figure, the following action will be taken:-

1)    When the attendance falls below 92%, a letter will be sent to you confirming your child’s attendance and a request that future absences will be subject to providing medical evidence to support the absence (for example, a copy prescription, medication, doctors/dentist/hospital appointment card etc.)

2)     If the attendance continues to fall to below 90%, you will be contacted to attend a meeting in school to discuss further.

3)    If there is still no improvement, then it may be necessary to refer the case to the Education Welfare Service.

Whilst we understand that there are occasions when students will have medical conditions that will cause absence, we are keen to promote resilience to minor ailments, such as colds and sore throats, whenever possible. We know that time spent with the high quality staff in lessons is inv Thresholds for “Persistent Absence” (PA) – defined by the DfE will be changing to 10% absence.  This will means that anybody whose attendance falls to 90% or below = PA.  The chart below details what this will mean in school time

The chart below shows how many sessions/days absent a child needs to accrue to have 90% attendance.

The chart below details what this means in school time Term Dates

PA = 90% Sessions per term

PA=90% Days per term

Term 1 – Sept to Oct

7 Sessions

3.5 days absence

Term 2 – Nov to Dec

14 Sessions

7 days absence

Term 3 – Jan to Feb

20 Sessions

10 days absence

Term 4 – Feb to April

25 Sessions

12.5 days absence

Term 5 – May to June


15.5 days absence

Term 6 – June to July

38 Sessions

19 days absence


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