Punctuality and what happens if my child is late to school?

Should your child arrive to school after 8.30am then they will receive a “Late” mark on their attendance record for morning registration.   An accumulation of 3 or 6 Late marks in any ½ term period will result in a 30 minute detention with the Pastoral Assistant.  Should 9 late marks be accrued in one ½ term period the student will receive 45 min detention as a sanction with the Pastoral Assistant. An accumulation of 12 Late marks in one ½ term period will result in a punctuality report being issued by the Head of Year. 

Should your son or daughter accumulate 15-18 late marks or more in any one ½ term, a head teachers detention will be issued by the Head of Year and a meeting with parents will be scheduled. 

If your child arrives after 9am they will be marked with a “U” code showing that they arrived after the start of the first lesson.  The “U” code is an unauthorised absence code and will be used unless sufficient evidence is received regarding the absence i.e. medical evidence.   This code will affect your child’s overall attendance percentage.  Students will however be marked in for each individual lessons they attend for fire regulation purposes.  

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