Sixth Form Life

Your time in Sixth Form will be amongst the most memorable, exciting and challenging periods in your life and The FitzWimarc School will provide you with an excellent base from which to undertake these experiences. The School has a history of excellent teaching, superb pastoral care and outstanding extra-curricular opportunities and these will continue into Sixth Form. Our experienced Head of Sixth Form and his tutor team will support and guide you through your years of A Level study and enable you to develop the skills that are necessary in the modern world.

You will be given the opportunity to grow as independent young people and be provided with a wide range of opportunities to support your future applications, whether that be into Higher Education or Employment.


The FitzWimarc Sixth Form is committed to developing a range of skills that will be of great benefit to you in the future. All students in Sixth Form understand the benefit of academic qualifications but we will work with you to cultivate a broader set of skills derived from enrichment activities. Every Wednesday afternoon will be set aside for personalised enrichment events that may include sporting activities, working with younger students within school, volunteering in the local community or gaining valuable work experience.

We will make use of the extensive network of contacts built up by the highly successful Careers Department within school to ensure that all Sixth Form students have the opportunity to gain the skills required to achieve their potential.

We will also have a regular hour of pastoral time set aside for external speakers. This will allow students the opportunity to understand a range of careers and the often convoluted ways in which successful people find their perfect career path.

Pastoral Care

Upon joining The FitzWimarc School Sixth Form you will be allocated a tutor who will support you through the day to day challenges of Sixth Form life. You will have regular one-to-one meetings, the focus of which will change as you progress. They will help develop your study skills to deal with the increased demands of A Level study, ensure that students who are new to the school feel integrated into the new environment and provide support for the important decisions that you will be faced with over the next two years. 

You tutor will also provide support and guidance regarding your decision to apply to Higher Education or for Employment and this will be supported by an IAG Advisor and the Head of Sixth Form.

Oxbridge/Medicine Applications

We expect a number of students to be in a position to apply for courses at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities and for degrees in Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. Our Sixth Form Team has experience of guiding students successfully through this process and a programme will be put in place for students wishing to take this path.

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