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We have recently welcomed our second cohort of students into FitzSixth and achieved a very pleasing first set of AS results. These AS results saw us ranked as a ‘3’ by ALPs, the leading organisation in results analysis. This places us in the top 25% of Sixth Forms nationally.  Our Year 13 students are now in the process of making university applications and/or looking for apprenticeship places. We have a number of students in receipt of offers from top universities and we will continue to support them through this process.

The ethos that we have created in Sixth Form provides continuity from the values that The FitzWimarc School holds central in KS3 and KS4. We are helping to support students to become independent and confident young people who understand the traditional values of tolerance, hard work and respect. Our curriculum supports students to develop as independent learners who aspire to achieve great success in their future.

The environment that has been created is a friendly and supportive one and parents and students alike have commented on how they believe that the correct balance has been struck between preparing students for the independence they will need to demonstrate after leaving Sixth Form and the support that needs to be provided for students making the jump from Year 11. Our new Study Centre is now open (from October 2017) and this has allowed us to provide additional space for our students during their supervised study time. 

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