Special Educational Needs


The Equality Act (2010) makes it unlawful to discriminate against pupils with a disability, making “reasonable adjustments” to the premises where possible. Ramps, stair lifts and handrails ensure access to the building for pupils in wheelchairs. An extensive range of support is employed for children with special educational needs (SEN). After initial assessment organized by the SEN Coordinator, children may be offered help within their lessons with reading and, occasionally, through withdrawal from a lesson for more specific help. Support is as discrete as possible, allowing all children to benefit from the curriculum. We employ learning support assistants.

The school uses the Essex Action and Essex School Action Plus scheme as a means of monitoring and reviewing children’s progress with parents. As appropriate, use is made of the Psychology and Assessment department of the LA as well as outside agencies. We employ trained counsellors for those experiencing temporary or long-term emotional problems and have introduced peer counselling in association with Childline. The pupils’ achievements in attaining five or more A* to G grades is testimony to the success of our policy.

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