Specialist School Status

We had been designated as a Language College since 2000 but after 9 years we felt that the time had come for a change and it was not a difficult decision to opt to become a mathematics and computing specialist school with effect from 1st September 2009.

Change in the world of IT is exponential and it is difficult to keep pace. One only has to consider how the capability of a mobile telephone, for example, has been transformed in recent years to appreciate how quickly the world is changing. Young people will change jobs and/or roles far more frequently than they did in the past and it is important that they are equipped with transferable skills in both IT and numeracy so that they have the competence to take up employment in posts that don’t yet exist using technology which is yet to be invented. It is a challenge facing all educational establishments but we feel that our new specialism will provide us with the resources that will enable FitzWimarc to take a lead in promoting teaching and learning strategies that will equip our young people for the lifestyle of the future.

Values such as integrity, good manners, honesty, aesthetic awareness and creativity have always been promoted at our school and, whilst we will play a leading role in the type of developments which I have just described, FitzWimarc will never neglect its duty to inspire its pupils to establish and maintain the highest of standards in such important aspects of human life. We look forward to the near future with optimism and enthusiasm and will evaluate the impact of our specialism on pupils’ achievement and standards as the year unfolds.

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