School Uniform

Black, suitable for school use, not trainers, boots or sandals. (Shoes are defined as below the ankle bone, ‘boots’ are anything higher and are not permissible). Kickers, or shoes of a similar style, can be worn, but must also be below the ankle and stitching must be black. All laces must be black. Heels should not exceed 2 inches (5 cm) and must not be too narrow. Shoes MUST be a ‘full’ shoe i.e. not a sling back, a clog, mule type shoe or plimsoll.

Plain black, tailored and to the ankle without any trimming, such as lace-up at front, coloured zips or splits at the ankle. Not denim, linen, brushed cotton, corduroy, knitted or ribbed fabric. Not too tight nor too ‘baggy’. Trousers should be worn on the waist ensuring underwear is covered. Red PE shorts must not be worn under trousers. Belts must be black.

Plain black. Knee length. Not denim, brushed cotton, corduroy, knitted or ribbed fabric. Not too tight. No side slits, frills, asymmetric hems or ‘gypsy’ style. For the incoming Year 7 pupils the only permitted type of skirt will be the new kilt, purchasable from Danielle's Schoolwear. The kilt can be purchased for girls in higher years, should they choose to do so.

V-necked jumper with school crest.

Plain white ‘shirt style’ with a proper collar buttoned to the top. Long or short sleeves. White buttons. If any item is worn under the shirt or blouse, it must be plain white including underwear. No roll-neck tops under shirt. Shirt/blouse must be tucked into trousers/skirt.

Each year has its own coloured stripe in the tie and the correct one must be worn. The tie must be neatly knotted over the top button and when visible should show at least four stripes.

Socks - plain, black. Tights - black or flesh coloured.

One pair of plain, small, round ear studs, gold or silver not stones (worn in the lobe) and a wristwatch are permitted. No bracelets, rings or necklaces allowed. No tongue bars, nose studs or ear expanders. No long key-ring chains. 

Should not be bleached. Shades of hair dye which, in the opinion of the school, look natural, are permitted but the effect must be discreet. If short it should not be less than a ‘No. 2 cut’ and should never have patterns etc. shaved into it. No hair extensions. No extreme hairstyles which, in the opinion of the school, are not acceptable. Hair accessories including braids, rubber bands or beads should be a neutral colour. Headbands should be plain red or black. Flowers  are  not permitted. If a headscarf is to be worn, it should be plain black and embroidered with the school logo.

Should not be shaved and/or have make-up on them. 

Make up
Is not permitted in year 7, 8 and 9. In year 10 and 11 make-up should be very discreet. Foundation must be natural to own skin colour. No nail varnish (on fingers or toes), nail extensions/false nails, false eyelashes.

If for any reason you cannot wear the correct uniform

You should talk to your Year Head straight away. You should always have your uniform card with you. Correct uniform must be worn on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school. 

Our uniform supplier is Danielle’s in Hockley and Rochford.           

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